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trendix mining

trendix mining

Trendix Mining una una compañía minera junior, orientada al descubrimiento de áreas con gran potencial minero dentro del territorio Argentino.
Aguilar 2547 - 18º A CABA, CABA C1426DSK Argentina

Mining Services

Trendix Mining is a mining company with more than 16 years of experience in mining and logistic sectors.


We can be proud to say that we are one of the few Argentine companies carrying out exploration camps fully operating with renewable energy and a modern system of sorting and recycling of organic and inorganic waste.

We are specialists in the built of oil and mining camps from the first stage of advance until the final development of the project. Our camps are equipped with residential modules, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining rooms and thermal offices fully equipped with satellite communication systems achieving offer broadband data in all modules. We offer the option of developing renewable energy with wind mills and solar screens thus avoiding the use of fuel for the operation of mechanical generators. Likewise our camps are equipped with a module specific where climatic conditions are controlled by means of a weather station of next generation and thus being able to provide the condition of working abroad.

We use VHF communication in all vehicles and these are connected with a radio station which monitors all movements of the professionals that are moving within vehicles or stepped in the field.

Above all, we assure our customers to comply with their responsibilities in the required time and with quality seeking.

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with Drones

Trendix Mining incorporated during 2016 two Drones of the latest generation that are used to carry out social surveys of surface, topographic and volumetric calculations, photograph of completion, comparative photographs for the determination of environmental impacts, etc.
We know that the incorporation of this type of technology can make a difference in the enhancement of a development project already road, mining, or oil, mainly using them as control tools and historical registration of the different topographies.


We are a provider of industrial, port,mining and petroleum services. Our commitment is to provide logistical support in all aspects that make at industrial development projects taking permanent care of the environment as a key pillar.

We are shaped by a wide variety of professional like, geologists, civil, agronomists and industrial engineers, surveyors and biochemical. We have a great capacity for road equipment for the soil movement and leveling of large surfaces, operated by technicians highly skilled for this type of tasks.

In recent years Trendix Mining developed a new sector dedicated to the mechanical movement of cereals with loaders in various port areas, achieving service contracts with the largest exporters of grain from Argentina.

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