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Trendix Mining una una compañía minera junior, orientada al descubrimiento de áreas con gran potencial minero dentro del territorio Argentino.
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Río Negro

Ivan project is located 32 km north of Los Menucos town, in Río Negro province, Argentine Republic. Its central coordinates are approximate 40º 36´ 19" S y 68º 17´ 24" W. The area of interest is covered by mining licenses with a total of 4000 hectares.

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Project Location

The Iván project is part of an extensive NE-SW mineralized corridor (La Luz Iván Trend) of about 30 kilometers in length, where many exploration targets have been identified, the most important being the areas of La Luz, Iván and Marillan. The mineralized zone of Iván is located in the NE end of this corridor, where it has been detected the presence of an extensive lithocap of approximately 11 Km2, associated with a high sulfidation epithermal system . The hydrothermal alteration is characterized by an association of minerals typical of these systems, identifying areas of argillic alteration (kaolinite-illite), advanced argillic (dickite, pyrophyllite, alunite) and numerous structures of residual silica (massive silica and vuggy silica). Similar silicified structures were found in La Luz project, as well as in Marillan project.

Associated with the lithocap, approximately 70 ledges of residual silica were recognized, with individual runs of up to 800 meters and widths up to 5 meters. The only recognized sulfide is pyrite, and in some sectors copper carbonates were observed, but these are rare.

121 geochemical samples were taken, which revealed anomalies in silver, copper, lead, zinc, molybdenum, barium, mercury, arsenic, antimony and sulfur. With respect to gold, only six samples presented anomalous values between 50 and 80 ppb. To identify the different hydrothermal alteration minerals, and determine the vectors towards the hottest points, 118 samples were analyzed by using a Terra Spec. Likewise, a geophysical campaign was developed consistent in 22 electromagnetic profiles, separated by 320 m and totalizing 59 Km. Besides were executed 18 SEV with the purpose of determine the profile range of depth.

The size of the area affected by hydrothermalism, the numerous structures of residual silica, and the detected geochemical anomalies, make the Iván Project an interesting exploration target with the potential to find a high sulphidation epithermal deposit.

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