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trendix mining

Trendix Mining una una compañía minera junior, orientada al descubrimiento de áreas con gran potencial minero dentro del territorio Argentino.
Aguilar 2547 - 18º A CABA, CABA C1426DSK Argentina




The project area is located on the SW of Salta province, close to the border with the province of Catamarca. The distance from Salta capital city  is about 490 Km. 

Access roads permit the normal transit all year round. Mining properties cover most of the northern sector of the Salar Antofalla, in the portion that corresponds to the Salta province.

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Project Location

Antofalla Norte Project, is conformed by three mining properties (mines) granted by the Salta Mining Authority.

trendix mining

The unique works carried out until now, are related to sampling of surface brines or to the low depth of 4 meters. The information is very incipient and related to the free aquifer, however some significant lithium anomalies up to 88 ppm, were obtained while potassium values have been surprising since they reached up to something more than 18,000 ppm. From the theoretical chemical point of view, this last grade would be consistent with values of the order of 1,200 to 1,800 ppm lithium, because the ratio K/Li in almost all salt lakes from the Puna region are in the order of 10 to 15. That is: for each ppm lithium is normally accompanied by 10 to 15 ppm of potassium and it is used as an indicator in the exploration.

While there are salt lakes with high contents of Li and K in surface, most of them show values more consistent in samples from semi confined aquifers and to depths greater than 20 mt.

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Mining properties involved in this report, are located just 30 km north of Albermarle Corp. claims. Theses properties were originally explored by Bolland Minera SA. who established minimum contents of the order of 350 ppm Li in shallow samples or up to 50 m depth.

The Salar Antofalla is developed in one of the deepest basins of the Puna, according to geophysical prospecting works developed by Bolland Minera SA in the sector of Catamarca province. The investigation showed depths  up to 500 m.